You control, I execute, strive to do a good job in the first brand of self-control valves

Product classification

  • BC31

    Body material: Barss\SS304

    Max. Allowable pressure 16kgf/cm2;Ambient Temp. 0CC~65°C

    PipeSizeG:1/4”~ 2''  Flange connection 

    Orifice mm:10~100

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  • BC32

    Body material: (PA6)

    Max. Allowable pressure 10kgf/cm2;Ambient Temp. 0CC~65°C

    PipeSizeG:1/2”~ 1'' 

    Orifice mm:15~25

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  • BC34

    Body material:brass\ss304

    Fluid media: fluid, air, steam, and light oil

    Fluid temp:180°C

    PipeSizeG:1/2”~ 2''  Flange connection 

    Orifice mm:15~35

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  • BO31

    Body material: Brass\SS304

    Max. Allowable pressure 10bar; Ambient Temp. 0CC~65°C

    PipeSizeG:3/8”~ 2''  Flange connection 

    Orifice mm:15~50

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  • BO32

    Body material: Nylon(PA6)

    Max. pressure 10bar; Ambient Temp. 0°C-65BC

    PipeSizeG:1/2”~ 1''

    Orifice mm:15~25

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